"Gmelin ist not only a Mainstream drummer who knows every trick in the book, but also a well versed composer of timeless pieces with highly recognisable motifs."                                                      Josef Engels (Jazz thing)

Matthias started to play the drums at age nine. His first teacher was Hermann Roth with whom he stayed for five years. After that he took lessons from Rick Hollander, Falk Willis, Wolfgang Haffner, Keith Copeland, Michael Keul and Cloy Petersen.


From 1995 until 1999 he was a member of the Bavarian Youth Jazz Orchestra and the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Germany.


In 2000 he went to New York City to study at the New School Jazz and Contemporary MusicProgram. His teachers there included: Joe Chambers, Reggie Workman, Billy Hart, Ralph Peterson, Charles Tolliver and John Riley.


Over the years he has appeared with Peter O`Mara, Johannes Enders, Johannes Faber, Marc Abrams, Bireli Lagrene, Ed Schuller, Miles Griffith, Jean Marie Machado, Henning Sieverts, the NDR Big Band, Joe Chambers, Cecil McBee and many more.


From 2007-2011 he studied social work at the unsiversity of applied sciences in Munich (KFH).

Since 2012 he has been working for different welfare organisations, specializing in social work with refugees.






Peter O ́Mara “Back Seat Driver“

Peter O´Mara “My Time“

Rainer Tempel “Melodies of ́98“

Jermaine Landsberger feat.: Bireli Lagrene “Gypsy Feeling“

Jermaine Landsberger feat. Gina Landsberger "Samba in June"

Landesjugenjazzorchester Bayern "Bavarian First Herd - Live"

Bundesjugenjazzorchester/Peter Herbolzheimer "Focus on Vocals"

Bundesjugendjazzorchester/Peter Herbolzheimer “On Tour“

Johannes Herrlich “Trombonefire“

Jerker Kluge "Cosmic Groove Orchestra"

Jerker Kluge "Deep Jazz"

Jerker Kluge "The Meeting"

Mariette Radtke "Beyond the border"

Alex Jung Quartet & Johannes Enders “Love and the Inception“

Alex Jung, Heiko Jung "Jung/Jung"

Henning Sieverts “Vibes and Strings“

Matthieu Bordenave “Some other Time“

Stefan Zenker "A quarter for Shorter"

Johannes Faber “I gotta Right to Sing the Blues“

Johannes Faber "Blue Micol"

Thomas Stabenow "Tramline"

Jo Junghanss “Songs of Joy, Songs of Praise“

Radio Citizen "The Night & The City"

Gregory Rivkin/Tony Pancella/Matthias Gmelin “Certain Attitude“

Gerti Raym "Dear Ernestine"

Gerti Raym "Deeply connected with Ella"

Caeroline Landry & Philipp Stauber "Who said"

Angela Avetisyan "Surrounded by Silence"

Holger Scheidt "Schwimmende Elefanten"

Kilian Kemmer Quartet "Jetzt und in Echt"

Kilian Kemmer Trio "...und Zarathustra tanzte."

Mohcine Ramden & Jisr "Too far away"

Pascale Elia feat. Tony Pancella “And Still We Dream"

Florian Brandl "Dresden"

Matthias Gmelin Quartet feat. Joe Chambers "Vibes Waltz"

Matthias Gmelin Sextet feat Joe Chambers "Earthtones"